Savor the essence of Taiwan’s original tea in Palawan’s premiere Unocha Tea Shop.


In the southern city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a small teahouse beckoned tea lovers to its cozy corner. Here, amidst the gentle clinks of porcelain teacups, the seed of a dream was planted – to provide exquisite tea of the highest quality at an affordable price. And so, Unocha was born. With passion and dedication, Unocha began its search for the most exceptional tea leaves, drawing inspiration from Taiwan’s rich tea culture and artistry. From a humble booth, the brand grew and flourished, blossoming into a major tea corporation with 35 locations across Taiwan in just 6 short years. Today, at Palawan’s first Unocha Tea Shop, immerse yourself in the richness of history and flavor, and experience the essence of a dream realized.

Finest Tea Leaves

We at Unocha take pride in offering our customers an exquisite experience, allowing them to savor the natural essence of the finest tea leaves available. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures every sip is nothing less than pure indulgence. We meticulously handpick our tea leaves to guarantee that they are free from any added preservatives, offering a healthy and wholesome option to our valued patrons. Come, take a sip of our tea, and let its purity and flavor transport you to a world of unparalleled bliss.

Innovative Drinks

Unocha’s ‘Taiwan Original Tea’ stands out as one of our best-selling products, owing to our unwavering commitment to crafting teas with natural ingredients, unadulterated by additional flavors or sugars.

Environmental Friendly

Unocha proudly stands as a pioneer in promoting sustainability by introducing the use of YOLLY Straws, the most eco-friendly and biodegradable straw in the Philippines, throughout our franchise.

The highest quality among the renowned tea artistry of Taiwan.

With Taiwan’s exquisite highland tea leaves as our inspiration, we craft locally-flavored beverages infused with the tantalizing aroma of tea, utilizing ingredients like Pearl, Osmanthus Jelly, Egg Pudding, Grass Jelly, and Red Bean to create unique, unforgettable flavor experiences. Our goal is to establish a global tea culture, one delicious drink at a time.


H Hotel, El Nido, Palawan



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