At the ORIENTAL SPA in H Hotel, you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience during your vacation. In our exquisite and intimate space, we offer professional massages and spa services, allowing you to recover and rejuvenate during your holiday. These treatments are based on traditional Southeast Asian massage techniques and ancient wisdom. Under the meticulous care of our skilled therapists, you will experience a variety of meticulously designed treatments to alleviate your accumulated stress. Escape from the troubles of daily life, immerse yourself in the elegant and peaceful holiday paradise of El Nido, and enjoy a refined and professional spa experience.


After basking in the tropical sun, rejuvenate your body and soul, and fully enjoy the pleasant experience brought to you by the ORIENTAL SPA. During your vacation on El Nido, you can also experience ancient Southeast Asian healing techniques that restore the balance of your body and soul.

In our ORIENTAL SPA, experience the traditional Southeast Asian massage of coconut oil massage, a special experience from tropical countries. Our well-trained therapists will tailor the most suitable massage services for each customer, from energetic facial care to soothing body wraps. Our goal is to provide a transformative experience, nourish your senses, and enhance your health. Come to the ORIENTAL SPA, relax your body and mind, and establish a connection with the natural beauty of El Nido.

Oriental Spa Reservation

+63 969 453 5736

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